Image via @jessefoxart

Image via @jessefoxart

If you’re one of those people who use Vaseline or Aquaphor for everything, you’ll love to know nipple creams with 100% ultra-pure medical grade lanolin (like Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin) can do a lot more than soothe your sore nipples.


Lanolin is a waxy substance secreted by sheep to help protect their wool. Don’t be disgusted (err, unless you’re vegan I suppose :/). This secretion goes through an “intense purification process” by Lansinoh to remove potential allergens or other elements that might be considered harmful or gross for humans.


Intrigued? Here’s how lanolin can become your new go-to “everything balm”:


1. Protect chapped lips

Lanolin is the key ingredient in the ever-popular Lanolips lip treatments because of its amazing ability to lock in moisture. In fact, Lanolips’s founder created the company after she ran into a grave, and totally relatable, dry-lips situation on a plane. Obvi, the Lanolips packaging is a lot prettier (and they have flavored and tinted options along with additional ingredients that make the texture more silky), but if you happen to have a bunch of lanolin nipple cream lying around, it can very well work too.


2. Fix those jagged cuticles

Moisturizing your cuticles and nails makes a HUGE difference in how elegant and polished your hands look. In fact, it’s important than a mani. After all, glossy red nails aren’t complete without nice cuticles. Lanolin makes your nails shine, but it also lasts longer than using simple lotion. Woo!


3. Tame those unruly brows

If you’re not a fan of penciling in your brows but want them to stick to a certain shape, lanolin can keep them in place and deep condition them.


4. DIY a creme blush

Lansinoh’s lanolin won’t clog pores, which means you can dab some on your face without breaking out. Dab a bit on the high points of your cheeks for a natural glow or mix in some powder blush for extra rosiness.


5. Get rid of those heel canyons

If you’ve been rocking sandals or running around your hardwood floors, you might have some rough, dry heels. If they don’t get enough TLC, heels will eventually start creating deep grooves and crevices. Avoid all that and rub your Lansinoh nipple cream on them, put on socks and slide into bed. You’ll wake up with the feet of your youth!


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