Husband Resentment: Moms Share the Irrational (Yet Sort of Rational) Angry Thoughts They Had During the Newborn Days

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by: elyse o’dwyer

Sometimes we have less-than-elegant moments while we’re raising a new baby. Mine have included demolishing French fries behind the wheel, wearing “less dirty” leggings from the hamper and irrational angry thoughts toward my husband that I didn’t express (usually).

The bulk of early childcare tends to land on moms. So sleep deprivation, hormone changes and a laundry list of other un-pleasantries (wtf, no one told me there would be so much laundry) leads to some understandable resentment directed at their husbands. We asked moms, when pushed to their limits, what angry thoughts jumped into their heads?

Can you relate?

“He polished off my Nutter Butters. I just lost it.” – Me

“He told me I looked beautiful.” – Jen, 35

“I got so mad if he made any noise at all when the baby was sleeping, like breathing too loud or sneezing.” – Katie, 34

“He would come home from work and complain about his day and tell me he needed a minute to himself.” – Eva, 33

“I wanted to bust in on him in the bathroom to see what was taking him so long.” – Me

“I would get really sick of breastfeeding and get mad at him for not being able to take over for me.” – Carrie, 30

“I would get angry at him while waiting for him to come home from work. I always felt like he was purposely staying a few minutes late, or taking the scenic route home.” – Me, 33

“I get so mad when he doesn’t move fast enough to help with the baby. Then he gets self-conscious because he can tell I’m mad, which just makes me angrier.” – Lisa, 29

“Every time it was my turn to change the baby, magically, it was a poop diaper.” – Jen, 38

“He kept trying to make plans to go to the beach or a ball game. He just wanted a family fun day, but I would get so annoyed at the extra work the hypothetical fun day would create for me.” – Jess, 34

“He hugged me to comfort me and crushed my already-super-sore boobs.” – Patty, 40

“I got super mad when I saw a photo of us where I had baby weight and he looked good.” Megan, 29



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