The Best Skin Care Right Now Is All Purple

and lusciously effective, too

by: sarah ban

It just occurred to me last night that my of-the-moment skincare staples are all purple. Consider these the Prince of skin care (classic and absolutely worth all the adulation).

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream

Skin care should be more than functional—it should be an experience, a ritual. And I like my rituals to be rich, lush and juicy! This gorgeous cream by the perfectionists at Tatcha is sooo sumptuous and silky. I look forward to using the little gold spoon to scoop up all that richness every night. Better yet, this cream fixed the dry patches on my cheeks overnight (thanks to the moisture-locking Okinawa algae blend and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid), which is precisely why I ponied up $68 to get it.

Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum

Backuchiol is having a moment right now, but it should especially be heralded by pregnant and breastfeeding women—it’s a safe plant-based substitute for retinol. This serum is slightly on the watery side, which makes it easy to spread out over your face and neck (it’s particularly useful for me since I have a big face!). The formula also contains glycolic and lactic acids, which help loosen up and dissolve dead skin cells that congest pores and dull skin. Every time I use this serum I wake up looking fresh-faced and brighter.

Asutra Dream the night away

At first, I was highly suspect of this body lotion. Rubbing on a cream containing melatonin and magnesium to sleep better sounds like a scam. I mean… if it really were that easy wouldn’t we all be doing it? It turns out we should all be doing it. At the very least, if you have sleep issues you should give it a shot. Every night I use this I conk out and sleep deeply, usually until the morning. (Keep in mind I can hardly stay asleep and get into deep REM mode (regardless of what my baby is up to). If I do wake up, as my brain is used to, I drift back pretty quickly. I use two pumps and only apply on my arms. I’m a little weirded out that it seems to be working so well, but I’m not planning to stop anytime soon.


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Ole Henriksen Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream

Asutra Dream the night away

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