Glowgetter Mama is a shameless, judgement-free space for new moms.

We provide emotional support and solidarity. We encourage you to take care of yourself and use facial serums. And we offer practical tips (the kind you need when you’re at peak confusion/freak-out levels).


As a new mom, you’re probably feeling an intense cocktail of emotions. You might be sad, nervous, exhausted, confused and isolated along with the intense, all-consuming love, adoration, pride and bliss you concurrently feel with your new baby.


There are high highs and low lows. We’re not here to be down on motherhood, but we’re not here to shine a light on only the positive. We’re here for both good times and bad, Dionne Warwick style.


Sometimes you just need someone to feel you. Other times, you just need someone to make you chuckle so you can feel lighter. We believe the best “medicine” for moms is simply knowing you’re not alone.


We’re not here to speak at you. We’re here to speak our truth, and hope it speaks to you. We’re your friends who know you’re more than a mom. You’re an intelligent, funny, irreverent and honest human who has children.


Most parenting sites focus on the baby (for good reason), but not enough support for the person who gave birth to that baby. This site is for YOU, mama.


Welcome to the mom cave where you will feel like you’re having a real conversation with another mom, instead of being told how to be a mom (ugh).



To get in touch with us, hit us up at glowgettermama@gmail.com.